Which is better: Wooden blinds or fabric blinds?

Ruth D. Adamson

Which Is Better? Wood Or Fabric Blinds | Benefits of Blinds

Window coverings and treatments come in a variety of styles and designs. However, wooden blinds and fabric blinds are the most common types.

Hard slats of wood are generally used for wooden blinds. By contrast,tela para persianas are made of several or one piece of fabric. A lot of factors play into deciding which one to select, including privacy, light control, durability, cleaning, and maintenance.

Light Control and Privacy

Window coverings perform this function in one way or another. You can choose one or both of these options according to your preferences. Each blind offers complete privacy. Nevertheless, they differ in how effectively they block or let natural light into a room.

The horizontal slats of wooden blinds can be adjusted depending on how much natural light you desire. Since fabric blinds are made of a single piece of fabric, they provide less light control. In addition to the fabric, the colour and density of the material determine how much light will be blocked even if the curtain remains closed. The sheerer the fabric, the less light will be blocked, while darker colours and heavier fabrics will be able to block more light.

The type of blinds that are needed will depend on the type of room they will be installed in. A bedroom, dining room, and living room may benefit from more natural light than other rooms.


A wooden blind is more durable since it is made of hardwood, which is more resistant to wear and tear than fabric blinds. Some low-quality wooden blinds, however, tend to warp and swell due to not being properly sealed or finished.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Cleaning wooden blinds is easier. The best way to clean your blinds is to dust them and wipe them with a soft, dry cloth (since moisture will damage the wood). You can keep the blinds’ new shine by using wood cleaners like lemon oil.

Blinds made of fabric, however, typically have specific instructions for washing and cleaning. Cleaning fabric blinds on the spot can also be challenging. A professional may be necessary for serious stains.




There are a variety of styles, colours, and materials available for both wooden and fabric blinds.

For your blinds, you might want to choose a classic, neutral finish. To give your blinds a unique appearance, you can go for more customised styles. When it comes to choosing a style, both blinds offer flexibility.

Different finishes and types of wood blinds are available to match a wide range of themes. A room can feel more luxurious or rustic with their presence. Those who prefer darker wood tend to be minimalist while those who prefer lighter shades tend to be cosier and less formal.

Moreover, fabric blinds come in an endless variety of colours and options. Blinds made with sheer fabric make any room feel softer and more airy, while those made with opaque fabric appear sleeker and more elegant.

Blinds have many advantages

According to Team ID

How do blinds benefit you? The look of a room can immediately be changed with window blinds. Furthermore, compared to other window options, like a curtain, it has several advantages.

Blinds have many advantages

Simple to maintain


Maintenance is easier with window blinds than with other fixtures. Every few weeks, homeowners can remove dust and dirt by wiping them away with a slightly damp cloth. The fabric of curtains needs to be washed to prevent appearing dusty and dirty. Furthermore, aluminum and wood blinds can last a very long time.



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