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Many businesses could easily do without floor polishing when it comes to facilities management budgets. Isn’t it enough to clean your commercial flooring once it’s cleaned? It is only suitable for car showrooms and corporate facilities to have attractive polished floors, not busy warehouses and factories.

However, such a statement totally ignores the practical and commercial benefits of having a professionally polished floor, as well as how easy it is to incorporate the procedure into routine maintenance. Check out these five reasons why you should use a floor polishing machine in your commercial space.


A polished floor is much easier to clean than an unpolished surface, as not only does it require only wet mopping to remove dirt, but it also resists staining and fading much better than untreated surfaces. Surface cracking and moisture transmission are less likely to occur in flooring that is completely sealed, since soiling and moisture will be harder to penetrate.

Further, many multi-purpose machines have the ability to polish floors in addition to scrubbing, drying, and vacuuming, allowing your maintenance workers to accomplish a great deal in a short timeframe.

We offer professional floor buffing machines for long-term hire at Clean Sweep Hire, along with full training.

2. The floor buffer machine saves money

If you are polishing the slab on the grade of a concrete surface or the top layer of a hardwood floor, maintaining carpet, tile or polymer surfaces is much more expensive than using a floor polishing machine. Additionally, you can hire floor polishing machines very cheaply, and since many surfaces only need polishing every few years, your outlay for the task is very small.


It is possible to polish concrete, wood, and hard floors with the same equipment; and it can be used to polish multiple floors throughout your commercial premises. A single industrial floor buffer can be used on any surface, from a concrete warehouse floor to a wooden hotel foyer.


Due to their hard-to-apply nature, most fillers, waxes, and solvents used for traditional floor polishing methods require employees who are trained and know exactly what they’re doing.

As well as having no waiting time, floor polishing machines don’t require noxious or flammable chemicals, which is vital if your floor is going to see heavy traffic all day long.


By using floor polishing machines in high traffic zones, you will be able to strengthen your floors’ resistance to wear and tear, focusing on your most troublesome areas. Polishing machines of today enable floors to be buffed to a high finish while not creating a slippery surface, and this allows floors to resist scuff marks and dust buildup.

You also get the added benefit of treating only the areas that are actually used, as opposed to waxing a floor, which requires furniture to be removed, the floor to be stripped, and the entire surface to be waxed.

Therefore, these are the five main reasons why industrial floor polishing machines should be used in commercial properties. Renting a floor cleaning machine and a floor polishing machine is an extremely simple and cost-effective solution that will provide your customers and employees with a number of benefits.