The following are 10 benefits of hiring a GAF certified roofing contractor:

1. Trustworthy & Reputable:

GAF Master EliteĀ® Contractors only make up 3% of North American roofing contractors, but GAF vets, qualifies, and trains them to the highest industry standards.

GAF certified roofing contractors always remain up-to-date on modern roofing requirements, thanks to annual certification renewal requirements.

2. Qualified on an ethical basis:

GAF’s certified roofing professionals are also ethically vetted. The company often hears horror stories of contractors running away.

In addition to thorough training and evaluations, GAF conducts a background check on each contractor’s credit rating to ensure that their clients are matched with responsible, trustworthy contractors.

3. Installation tailored to your needs:

You can reap several financial benefits by replacing your residential roof with GAF roofing products. For maximum benefit, you should hire a contractor who specializes not only in GAF shingle products, but also in their entire roofing system.

A GAF certified contractor is meticulously trained to install GAF roofing products, so homeowners can expect a long-lasting, well-tailored installation process.

4. Troubleshooting skills:

GAF certified roofers are carefully trained by industry experts on a range of installation techniques, product specifications, and troubleshooting techniques.

Furthermore, GAF provides its contractors with extensive educational materials to assist them in resolving a number of roofing problems they may encounter along the way.

5. Roofing Warranties Enhanced by GAF:

Despite the exceptional warranty options offered by GAF, only factory-certified contractors have access to GAF’s enhanced roofing warranties, The System Plus and The Golden Pledge.

As long as the installation process is followed exactly, the warranty can be extended to 20-30 years with additional perks.

6. Roof Inspections are free for the following individuals:

A GAF Master Elite roofer will also provide you with a free 40-point problem prevention inspection when you choose the Golden Pledge warranty option.

GAF roofing systems provide the best protection to homes when they are thoroughly evaluated at the end of the project.

7. Coverage for 25 years of workmanship:

Typically, residential roofing warranties only cover workmanship and labor for two years.

The Golden Pledge limited warranty extends this coverage to 25 years when working with a GAF-certified roofing professional.

8. Insurance Coverage that is Industry-Leading:

Even though training and experience can strengthen a contractor’s skills, he or she should still work with an insured professional.

A GAF Master Elite contractor has industry-leading insurance coverage that will protect their clients in case of a liability risk on your property.

9. Technology Commitment:

Keeping the GAF Master Elite certification active requires annual training, so these contractors are always up-to-date on the latest technology.

GAF roofing contractors offer expert opinions and real-time support to ensure  high-quality services with efficiency and ease.

10. A sense of peace:

GAF has had the opportunity to solve nearly every residential roofing problem that can arise since it has been in business for 13 decades.

Whether it’s high-quality products and service standards or training for contractors, insurance, or warranty incentives – each and every aspect of your needs has been considered.