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In a world of changing construction costs, success hinges on accurate data

Every phase of the building lifecycle requires pristine accuracy – from planning to building – and the whole process begins with making sure your budget estimate is accurate. But inaccurate cost data inevitably leads to inaccurate estimates, inaccurate estimates lead to cost overruns and cost overruns can shut down a project altogether. I’m sure you’ve heard about at least one project that was halted or possibly never finished because it was started with a skewed budget.

It’s impossible for the cost data of yesterday to give a reliable vantage point for tomorrow’s construction project. In the average year, over 90%

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Making the grade: Why school construction costs are climbing and projects are stalling

When California-centered C.W. Driver Cos. began operate on the new 94,000-square-foot K-eight ​Cadence Park University campus in Irvine in 2016, the all round development costs came in at $475 for each square foot. 

But in 2019, as the organization began mapping out the development of Heritage Fields University No. three, yet another K-eight campus for the Irvine Unified University District, costs had surged to $598 a square foot.

That is a jump of 26% in just three years, and it echoes a trend skilled all over the country.

Primary algebra: Costs are adding up

“Over the past few years,

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