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 Sukabumi Stone or better known as Batu Hijau Sukabumi is a type of quartz rock.  As the name implies, Batu Sukabumi originates from a mine in the Sukabumi Regency, West Java.  for example the pedra hijau portugal

 Understanding Quartz stone (silicon dioxide, or SiO2) is one of the most famous and abundant minerals on Earth.  Although it can eventually be broken down, physically and chemically this mineral is resistant to weathering.  When quartz carrying rocks are weathered, quartz grains become concentrated in the soil, in rivers, or on the coast.  White sand that lies along the banks of rivers and beaches is generally composed of quartz, with some of them being white feldspar or pink feldspar.

 Quartz can be crystalline or cryptocrystalline.  In its crystalline form, quartz has a larger, more transparent molecular structure (you can see light penetrating crystals), and is often used as semiprecious gemstones (such as amethyst, citrine, rose quartz, and misty quartz, because there are structures such as fog /  smoke in it).  In its form as cryptocrystalline, quartz has a compact molecular structure, usually opaque (light cannot penetrate) or translusion (light can penetrate, but not very clear), and is often also used as precious stones (such as agate, jasper, and onyx)  .

 In its purest form, quartz is colorless (often called crystal stone or mountain crystal).  Color in quartz crystals is usually caused by the presence of impurities in the structure of mineral molecules.  For example, when impurities in the molecule are small air bubbles, quartz becomes opaque (called milky quartz), if the impurities are in the form of other minerals, the color of quartz can change into various kinds (milky brown quartz or purple amethyst).

 origin of quartz stone

 the origin of quartz stone itself is quartz is found in metamorphic rocks, metamorphic rock which is also called rocks, igneous rocks, and sedimentary rocks.  This mineral is the main mineral in silica-rich felsic rocks such as granite, granodiorite, and rhyolite.  Quartz is very resistant to mechanical and chemical weathering, and quartz itself is a mineral that is widely distributed on the surface of the earth and is the 2nd most abundant mineral in the earth’s crust after feldspar, because this mineral is almost always present in all types of rocks.  This mineral can be formed at all temperatures forming minerals.  Quartz is commonly found in metamorphic rocks, igneous rocks, and sedimentary rocks.  This mineral is the main mineral in silica-rich felsic rocks such as granite, granodiorite, and rhyolite.

 Quartz is very resistant to mechanical and chemical weathering.  It is this endurance that makes this mineral commonly found on the tops of mountains, beaches, rivers and deserts.  Quartz can be present everywhere, abundant and resistant.  Quartz deposit mines are found throughout the world.

 The usefulness of quartz

 Quartz is one of the most useful natural ingredients.  Its usefulness is always associated with physical and chemical properties.  Quartz minerals have a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale which makes it very resistant.  This is due to their chemical structure bonding which can be related to various elements. The turtle has electrical and heat resistance properties which make it useful in electronic products.  Quartz often has a sparkling color and “diaphaneity”, making it useful as a gemstone and also a glass making material.

 Quartz crystals can be used for special purposes.  High quality quartz crystals are single crystal silica with optical or electronic properties.  Experts estimate there are around ten billion quartz crystals in use every year.

 Quartz crystals can be used as a material for making filters, frequency control, timers, electronic circuits which are important components in cell phones, watches, television receivers, computers, navigation devices, lenses, laser covers, and various examples such as glass making materials, manufacturing materials  Ceramics, As Material, To Make Water Filters, For Sand Blasting, For Auxiliary Materials in Cast and Construction Materials, Cement Raw Materials, Metal or Metal Roof Tiles, Metal Casting, and you can get it at Indonesia Natural Stone Supplier or contact and  visit:

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