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Are you looking for a competitive edge in the self storage market? Every storage facility faces local competition. Read on if you’re looking to get a competitive edge over your self storage rivals and boost profits.

Storage Lord uses 6 Storage software to crush their local storage competition, an Australian company with storage units in Adelaide and sheds in Hervey Bay.

Organise your files with cloud-based storage

Facilities can now store and manage their data in one place using cloud-based storage management software. Your workforce will be more productive, you can access information from anywhere, and your information will be more secure.

Using the self-storage management system, customers can keep track of where and what is stored. It allows you to analyse customer data at any time and to keep tabs on each customer’s account.

In Australia, Storage Lord uses 6 Storage to manage the data of its customers. Customers and inquiries are handled inefficiently at other storage facilities, according to the managers. Cloud-based storage management is essential to success in today’s storage industry.

Users of 6 Storages can keep track of who is storing what, where, using features built into the self-storage management system. A reporting system lets you analyse customer data at any time and allows you to monitor the status of every customer’s account.

Storage Lord, which has storage facilities in Australia, uses 6 Storage to manage its customers’ data. The managers have seen how other storage facilities handle customer accounts and inquiries in an inefficient manner. In today’s storage industry, a storage management process utilising a cloud-based storage management system is a must.

Director Henry White of Storage Lord says that the company has used 6 Storage for almost two years. When we acquire a new facility, we implement 6Storage on day one of ownership because it streamlines our day-to-day business processes and keeps us organized.“

Decide based on great data to gain new storage customers

The success of self-storage facilities depends on their ability to sign up new storage customers and maintain high occupancy rates (more than 90%). Online signups are an inherent advantage for storage facilities in the digital age. 6Storage has an integrated customer move-in portal that’s fully customised for Storage Lord.

The integrated system from 6 Storage enables Storage Lord to:

Moving into multiple storage facilities is allowed. Secure storage units are available from Storage Lord in Adelaide, Lonsdale, as well as Hervey Bay. Using 6Storage’s online booking system, the company can direct the website visitor to the right storage location for their needs.

Optimising its website, including website copy and call-to-action buttons, using Google Analytics to achieve a higher conversion rate than its competitors

The lead dashboard should capture customer leads/enquiries that fall into Storage Lord’s acquisition funnel

Establish dominance in customer service

Automation of storage property management with 6 Storage Webhooks

The management of self-storage facilities is already challenging, as they try to save their customers money. Rental decisions may not always be well understood by customers or customers may not feel satisfied with the service. In order to provide excellent customer service through every interaction, whether in person or via email and phone calls, Storage Lord is using 6 Storage.

With 6Storage’s storage management software, Storage Lord can automate all of their facility operations and manage each customer’s account.

Customers can be reminded when units are due and invoiced when they are due.

To automate the management of Storage Lord’s storage properties, the team uses 6 Storage webhooks. Whenever a new customer inquiries, the automated acquisition funnel is triggered by a 6 Storage webhook, which automatically creates the customer account in their storage management software. 6Storage automatically updates the payment information in 6Storage with the customer’s payment information after the customer makes a payment. An invoice is sent to the customer upon receiving the payment information. A webhook notifies Storage Lord each time a customer makes a payment so the accounting system can record it. Automating these processes reduces errors and cuts down on manual work, improving the customer experience.