Reshape Your Dining and Living Room with Wooden Furniture from Bellavista Collection

Ruth D. Adamson

As the end of the quarantine is getting closer and closer (fortunately, nothing lasts forever), thousands of people are writing down lists of things to do when their self-isolation is over at last. When you are forced to spend all your time indoors, you inevitably start to look around more […]

As the end of the quarantine is getting closer and closer (fortunately, nothing lasts forever), thousands of people are writing down lists of things to do when their self-isolation is over at last.

When you are forced to spend all your time indoors, you inevitably start to look around more closely and can’t help noticing drawbacks of the interior. So, lots of people have already taken a new look at their dining-rooms and living-rooms and have seen lots of things that need repairing or replacing. Old furniture, faded curtains or wallpaper went unnoticed when people spent less time at home, but now such things stick like a sore thumb.

It means that as soon as the quarantine ends, companies that deal with home improvement and interior design may see a considerable increase in demand for their services. Furniture makers are also extremely likely to meet the end of the quarantine with loads of orders to fulfill.

Bellavista Collection, a renowned brand who supplies its Italian luxury furniture all over the world, has always enjoyed high demand for its products. In spite of having temporarily halted all the production, the company is ready for the further rise in number of orders. They might be a slight delay at first, when production is just resumed, but the Bellavista Collection will do its best to process all orders in time.

By the way, the brand’s website will soon be replenished: 2020 collection, initially prepared for Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2020, is going to be simply placed on the company’s website. As you probably already know, this year’s Salone has been cancelled due to the pandemic.

So, the nearest edition of iSaloni, the 60th one, will take place next year, from 13th till 18th of April 2021. By that time, Attilio Zani, Bellavista Collection’s brilliant designer (and the company’s co-founder), will surely create one more collection of remarkable showpieces… or, most likely, more than one.  

Let’s now take a quick look at Bellavista Collection’s website in search of pieces that will fresh up your, say, dining-room.

The very first object that salutes the eye in a dining room is certainly a table. Bellavista offers a great selection of top quality, nice-looking, and increasingly diverse dining tables.

Square, oval, rectangular, round tabletops – whatever you prefer, you’ll find it at Bellavista’s website in TABLES product category. When you open this category, you’ll see sub-categories with self-explanatory names, one of which is named DINING TABLES.

Each of these magnificent dining tables is worth a separate article. Just look at QUATTRO PASSI, the hit from last year’s iSaloni. Or at TULIPE, with its massive legs made of metal with hammered antique brass finish, refined by hand, and the optional oval marble top insert. Or at SAN FRANSISCO, available in eight woods and five size options, two of which have a round top and three – a rectangular one… Any of these tables deserves to become a center of a luxurious dining-room.

When picking furniture for a dining-room, dining chairs are of no less importance than a table. Open UPHOLSTERED PIECES product category, and the first sub-category you see there will be CHAIRS. Stylish ANGELINA; elegant MARGOT and KATE; CLAIRE, BICE, MASARYK, and CORINNE, which resemble comfy compact armchairs – it’s up for you to decide what ones to pick to make your dining-room really perfect.

Interior design is not all about furniture. What about choosing a lovely chandelier or a pretty panel picture to spice up your dining-room? LIGHTING product category contains a few sub-categories, including CHANDELLIERS. What about CHAO-LI, with a lampshade made of natural maple wood and Vienna straw? As for wooden panel pictures, you will find them in BELLAVISTA DETAILS sub-category of HOME DÉCOR product category. Sophisticated hand carved ARTDECO picture, with its white lacquered surface, or FLOWER and ROSE crafted of dark wood, will surely enliven your dining room interior.

Well, a panel picture from Bellavista Collection will look grand whenever you place it. The living room is a great place for such a piece of artwork, too. These pictures are smartly designed to easily blend almost into any environment.

Or are you thinking about buying new furniture for your living-room? If yes, at Bellavista Collection’s website you will find everything you may think of.

Need a new sofa? Bellavista has plenty to offer you. What about AUVELA, a sofa designed in 2019 that turned heads at last year’s iSaloni? By the way, ‘auvela’ is Spanish for ‘grandmother’ – don’t you remember how soft and comfy your Grandma’s sofa used to be?

Want an arm-chair, a coffee table and a floor lamp to create a cozy reading corner? No problem: on Bellavista’s website you can find all these in one place. Floor lamps are waiting for you in the same-name sub-category of LIGHTING product category.  COFFEE AND SIDE TABLES sub-category is the biggest one in TABLES category; you will find a great variety of coffee tables here. They are so impressively diverse that picking just one will be a tricky task. Along with wooden pieces, there are coffee tables made entirely of metal (for example, HOLE, COPPER or BATISTA), glass and metal (BOUQUET BOIS), or even solid marble (PECHINO).

As for arm-chairs, just browse ARMCHAIRS sub-category in UPHOLSTERED PIECES. You will surely appreciate the strict but comfy BRISTOL, elegant CHARLOTTE, and natural beauty of fine wood in MAFALDA. If you like Oriental motifs, you will love SHANGHAI armchair from Dulcechina collection, created in 2018.

If you are quite content with all your furniture even after staying indoors for a long time, you may want to get some small thing to add zest to your room. What about a lovely cast brass statuette Bellavista Collection has been long known for? They all are so pleasant to look at – dogs, rhinos, horses, and, of course, hippopotamuses. It is a nifty brass hippo that has become the brand’s mascot, and you can well have the same statuette at home when the quarantine ends – to mark this much-anticipated moment.

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