Is Your Home Meal for The Termites? – Know How and Why?

If left uncontrolled termites can cause billons of money as they are the destructive agent and can cause havoc inside the home. Many of us things that our house will never be termites favorite spot as you keep it clean and neat but the fact is that no matter how clean and tidy your home is it can still be termites favorite because what exactly termite need for their survival is wood and moisture and trust me not mine, yours and everybody else’s home provides that in ample amount.  

Termites are not one or two insects whenever it attacks it attacks with billons of their family, which is why you can never mind my word never can handle them by your own and eradicating them is very much important for keeping the house protected, that where you need help from termite control companies near me.

Why Your Home Termite’s Favorite? 


Termites usually feed on soft or rotting wood, and they seek moist spaces. If not in a humid space, they dry out and die. So, any leaks or moisture in your home can attract these nasty insects. Make sure to not have any leaking water systems or air conditioners and excessive moisture in the bathroom and laundry room. By controlling the moisture in your home, you can prevent the apparition of termites.

Mulch and Gardens

Mulch is commonly used near homes, in gardens or against the foundation. The wood chips retain moisture and can become a great source of food for termites. Control the use of wood mulch and keep it at least 15 inches away from the foundation. Also inspect the existing mulch on a regular basis, looking for signs of termite infestation. It is also advised to get in touch with best termite control Brisbane for any emergency need.

3. Landscaping Timbers and Firewood

Landscaping timbers are placed on to the ground and can develop moisture, making them perfect attractions for termite. Many homeowners are keeps big piles of wood close to their home, for easy access when the wood is needed for a fire. But this can easily attract termites and then direct them towards the home. Specialists of termites control Brisbane recommend to keep the firewood at least 20 feet away from your home and to keep the wood at least 5 inches above the ground.

5. Dead Trees and Stumps

Termites love to feed on rotting wood, so if they find any dead trees or stumps. They could nest there and then eventually expand to your home. So, make sure that there is no deadwood in your yard, clear dead trees and stumps in your yard before they are attacked by termites. Hire pre-inspections from termite control near me to help you clean the area and termite colonies.

6. Bad Drainage

We have came across the fact that termites love moisture, therefore any clogged drainage or gutter which gives them the exact amount of water availability is their favorite to hangout. Try keeping your home well maintained in terms of leakage and drainage issues.

Ecoguard Pest Control Service

Among all the top-rated companies we also back top position in the ratings as one of the best pest control service providers. As the sole motive of your company is to be by your side when you need us the most, being a Brisbane based company we know how important is it to have pest control service near you and how important is pest controlling is. This is why we try ensuring best quality service with some unique facilities for our clients so that their faith and trust stays with us for the longest of time. Below are some of your facilities that make us unique from other pest control companies.

Time Suitability:  These pest control service can be time taking. Thus, Ecoguard for the benefits of their clients works 7 days a week so that they can adjust their time according to your demand. This is why they are suggested as they can work as per your time availability.

Provide Commercial and Residential Services: Ecoguard provides service for both homes and businesses, and in all the areas of Brisbane. This makes it every much demanding amongst the customers.

Offers Great Deals:  Provides they some good and effective packages which are decided in 3 segments

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum

Ecoguard Is Affordable:  Removal of ant or bird nest from your residential area can be time consuming, and would require man power as well. Disinfecting a garden from pest will cost good amount of products, summing all this up will cause big amount. Here, Ecoguard understands how much important it is to get your home free from any sort of pest problems. They offer best service with pretty pocket friendly amount. It is one of the affordable pest controls near me; you will get with so much of facilities.

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