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Although it may seem easy, interior designing can actually be quite challenging. Just arranging your furniture pieces in the room is not interior decoration. Creating an interior design that will create a great impression on your guests’ minds requires a lot of time and effort. Further, a well-designed home makes you feel comfortable at home. If you are not sure how to design your home interiors, mentioned below are a few tips shared by interior decorators in Kolkata that will make your interiors appear more appealing:

01 of 07 You can introduce many patterns  

According to interior decorators in Kolkata, it is important to introduce different patterns in your interiors. Sticking to just pattern or design is not necessary. Depending on your preferences, you can use a combination of three or four types of patterns that complement each other. This will help to ensure that the interiors appear unified. Further, you must keep in mind that small and busy patterns look better on small items like a pillow or cushion. On the other hand, large patterns look good when there is a lot of space around them. 

02 of 07 Add plants to the setup

Never underestimate the importance of plants in your interiors. Whether you require a statement decor item or something to fill in empty space, a plant is a perfect option. They help to add more character and visual interest to your interiors. You can also introduce more colours and textures in the interiors using plants. Given the number of options available in the market, you can easily find home plants that match the design of your home interiors. Do not forget to invest in good pots that will complement the look of your home’s interior design

03 of 07 Hang lots of small paintings

According to interior decorators in Kolkata, hanging paintings on walls is a great trick to accentuate your home decor. In many home designs, you will notice a large painting hanging from the wall that forms the focal point of the room. Instead of opting for a large painting, consider opting for many small ones. You can hang them in groups and create a nice gallery on the wall. Make sure that all the paintings complement each other and match your overall home interior design. If they look out of place, the overall look will be diminished. 

04 of 07 Use the same element multiple times 

As mentioned earlier, using multiple small paintings instead of a large one can help to add more visual interest to your interior design. This trick is not just limited to painting and can be used for any item. Whether they are cushions, lighting fixtures, flower vases, or artwork, always buy multiple small items to design your home. However, you have to make sure that the items complement each other. Even if they do not match, you should ensure that they appear similar. For instance, if you are buying vases for your flowers, make sure all the vases have a similar colour and pattern. 

05 of 07 Add a personal touch

If you want your home interiors to appear unique and match your personality, you have to incorporate more items that help to give them a personal touch. This will help you to feel more comfortable while you are at home. There are various ways to do so. For instance, hanging portraits or pictures of your family can help to give your home interiors a more personalised look. Similarly, you can use family souvenirs or any other item that can be displayed. They will certainly make the home interiors more interesting. 

06 of 07 Avoid clutter

Cluttered interiors never appear appealing. You have to ensure that sufficient space is available to prevent the room from appearing cluttered. Start with removing the items that you feel are creating visual chaos. By removing the unnecessary things, you can highlight the focal points in your room. Also, make sure that the furniture pieces are not placed too close to each other. Allow at least 14 to 18 inches between each furniture piece. 

07 of 07 Do not buy everything at once

Interior decoration requires proper planning. Rushing through the process can create several issues. Instead of buying all your accessories and accent pieces at once, you must only focus on the items you require first. This will help to prevent unnecessary clutter in your room and only choose the items that are required. Put some thought into every item you buy. Make sure that it will complement the overall decor and accentuate your home interiors.

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