How to Build a Custom made Armchair for Lounging

Ruth D. Adamson

If you’re wondering how to build a custom made armchair for your lounging needs, you’ve come to the right place.

We at Yorkshire Fabric Shop provide you the stocks as well as the solutions for your furniture. So, today, let’s start with the basics: wood and tools.

Lounging chairs can be made from any kind of wood. Hardwoods are the safest choice for fine furniture, but a few of the most comfortable armchairs are made from the softest woods.

Some hardwood chairs need special knives, whereas most versatile wood types can be worked with any tools a handyman has on hand.

Cedar and Redwood-made Custom made Armchair

Two of the most common woods we can use are also the oldest. Long ago, the iconic Adirondack chair has been around. These are the two most popular woods that are ideal for outdoor use because they do not rot or deteriorate.

As most furniture schools point out, the smell of cedar can linger in the wood, which would be more obvious in confined spaces.

Because of the slight flex, cedar and redwood are smooth, simple to work with, and very comfortable. That said, Redwood and Cedar became a usual choice for picnic, porch, and lawn chairs, despite the fact that they are not typically used for fine custom made armchair and furniture.

Oak-made Custom made Armchair

No other wood material comes close when compared to oak in terms of conventional durability. It has a compact, somewhat unpredictable grain pattern. This means that the grain configuration is unlikely to break down.

It doesn’t shrink more than most other semi-hard woods, but it has the classic look of fine furniture.

Both American Oaks, white and red, are the two most common species used to make an oak custom made armchair, with white oak being the toughest and tightest grained. These characteristics of hardness may also suggest that it is more difficult to work with.

Poplar-made Custom made Armchair

Because of its versatility, poplar has become a common wood for chair making. Poplar is used in marquetry seats. The bent legs as well as the backs of a custom made armchair are fused together from thinly cut veneers that have been compressed and shaped into curves.

The craftsman makes chairs out of a curved poplar, resulting in unique designs that can be built with bent wood. Since poplar also has adequate use versatility, these chairs are indeed very comfortable. Sadly, if misused, this flexibility factor will cause the chair coating to separate.

Mahogany-made Custom made Armchair

Mahogany is an excellent choice for making custom made armchair and lounging chairs because it is readily available all over the world. This wood is comparably lighter than most types of wood, but it is as heavy as oak, according to Bassett Furniture.

Mahogany is easy to work with because of its warm colors with its soft texture. It has a straight grain, blends well, and is relatively stable due to laminated straight-grain patterns, making a mahogany custom made armchair almost split testimony.

Since mahogany grows on every continent, there are more mahogany chairs made all over the world more than any other types of wood.

Maple-made Custom made Armchair

The grain pattern of maple is highly close and messy, similar to oak. On a scale of hardness, maple is the second hardest wood after birch, which is seldom used in furniture.

Compared to other wood types, Maple is one that has a warm, light-colored hue, making it ideal and perfect for seats, but it can only be milled with the sharpest carbide-tipped saws and drill bits.

 The smoothness of the wood, compared to the hard surface on the inside may often make glue fail to stick. When building a custom made armchair out of maple, caution and patience are required.

A Basic List of Woodworking Tools to Use

  • Power jointer and Wood Planer.

We’ve invented a variety of techniques for flattening the edges of the wood stock using hand-held tools, but I don’t think there’s a way to straighten the various planed face of both rough and recycled lumber without using a power jointer. It’s one of the first few steps in your DIY custom made armchair project, and I’d like to get through it quickly so I can move on to the more interesting work. As opposed to hand-held instruments, using the planer saves a lot of time.

  • Circular Saw and Hand Saws.

When in need of rough dimensioning and some long rip cuts, this is the tool to use. If you have a decent table saw, that’s even better, since a table saw can be used for a lot of joinery tasks besides dimensioning. These are the methods I use to cross-cut, straighten corners, and cut boards to their final width. A straight cut bit, as well as a flush trimming bit are the two router bits.

  • Jigsaw

These are the bare minimum requirements for efficiently smoothing every wooden surface of your custom made armchair project. Remember to have sharpening tools on hand for the plane blades.

  • Marking and measuring tools, including pencils, knives, awls, combination square, meters sticks and tape measure
  • Power Drills and Drill Bits
  • Sanders, Rasps, and Files, including a planer used for smoothing and blocking

These are the minimum for smoothing all surfaces of the final work, and doing it efficiently. Don’t forget that you’ll need sharpening supplies for the plane blades.

  • Joinery tools and gadgets

Buying a biscuit joiner may not be as required for the process, but it can come in handy in the long run once you start increasing the quantity of your DIY project. Again, if you already bought one or already have these tools, they can be substantially great.

  • Wooden mallets and some Chisels
  • Hammers, screw drivers and some nails
  • Workmates like puttering bench and wood clamps. 

This is especially helpful if you still don’t have an official working bench or workspace set up that is specifically for wood working. A decent supply of these wood clamps, of course, is always handy and essential.

With these tools in your arsenal, you’re guaranteed more ease when you’re making a custom made armchair for lounging.

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