How to Bathe Your Dog Without Clogging the Drain

Ruth D. Adamson
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Bath time doesn’t have to be ruff! This is a popular saying among dog owners. It’s because bathing your dog is a big challenge. It also brought about another big problem – clogged drains. Once you have a clogged drain, you may need to call a plumber North Sydney service. You’ll also need to pay an expensive bill to clear up the clog. Yet there are ways you can do to prevent the cost and stress. Dogs commonly lose hair during the bathing process. These hairs may clog your drain and damage your pipes. So, how do you bathe your dog without clogging the drain? Let’s take a look at these tips and tricks!

The Brush, Brush, Brush Method

Regular brushing of a dog’s hair is better than last-minute brushing before taking your dog to a bath. It removes dead hairs from your dog to stimulate healthy growth. Dog’s hair builds up in an undercoat. If left unbrushed, more dead hairs on the undercoat fall during bathing. You can use a pin brush to buff away your dog’s loose hairs and remove dirt on its coat. Then, you can use a slicker brush to remove mats on dogs with curly or medium to long hairs. The brush, brush, brush method is recommended by most plumbers because the brush collects the dog’s hair instead of your drains.

If Possible, Bathe Your Dog in a Container or Outside

Plumbers recommend giving a bath to your dog either in a container or outside. You can use plastic storage or a wash bin. The bin collects the falling dog’s hair instead of getting inside your drains. After bathing, you can scoop out the hair to dispose of them properly. During warm days, you can have your dog bathe outside so as not to clog your drain from dog hairs.

Choose the Right Dog Shampoo

Choosing the right dog shampoo is also important. It doesn’t only protect your dog’s hair and skin. But it also protects your drains and pipe. Dog shampoos that best fit your dogs keep their hair from falling. This means less shedding and less worry for the hair to clog your drains. Besides, a high pH level of dog shampoo can also damage your pipes. So, opt for a lower pH level to protect them. You may also want to use a dog shampoo brush. Like a magnet, it removes loose hair preventing it from dropping in the tub.

Loosen Your Dog’s Hair Before Bathing

It is important to loosen your dog’s hair before you put it into a bath. Do this by pulling off any debris, dirt, or loose hair from its undercoat. Use a grooming mitt or rubber curry to rub the dead hair from your dog’s body. Then, thoroughly brush the dog’s hair to get rid of snarls and reduce hair loss while bathing. You may also use a deshedding tool to remove as much dead hair as possible on the undercoat. Before bathing, gently cut or pick apart any mats on the undercoat. During warm days, you may also want to clip your dog’s hair to reduce hair shedding.

Protect the Drain Methods

The first thing you have to do when bathing your dog is to watch out for any hair loss. Scoop them out using your fingers before draining your tubs. There are also some steps that a plumber in North Sydney advises to take to prevent your dog’s hair from clogging your drains.

  • You can buy a commercial drain strainer if you have a pop-up type of drain. These special strainers trap the hair and prevent them from going inside your drains.
  • You can create a DIY strainer for your drains at home. Cut a mesh wire to fit your tub drain. You can hold it in place while draining the water in your tub to filter the hair. 
  • You can put steel wool in the drain to collect the falling hairs instead of them plugging the drains.
  • You can place baby wipes on the drain holes and tub stoppers. Hold these baby wipes while draining the water. They’ll capture loose hairs. Use baby wipes to remove leftover hairs on the top of the drains.
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