Home Depot Is Selling a Pineapple Plant to Bring a Tropical Vibe to Your Space

Ruth D. Adamson

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Your household or apartment could presently be filled with crops and succulents, but how numerous of them have a pineapple rising out of the middle? Property Depot is marketing a pineapple plant from Pure Beauty Farms, a Miami-dependent enterprise, and it’ll make you feel like you are on a tropical family vacation.

The one of a kind plant is part of the bromeliad loved ones, which is indigenous to tropical spots. Nevertheless, they can do nicely indoors. The pineapple plant has sword-like spiny inexperienced leaves that generate dense rosettes. An precise pineapple sprouts on the massive middle stem — and no, it’s not for eating. The decorative pineapple, or dwarf pineapple, isn’t intended to be a snack. Look at it a different form of flower.

You will want to locate a sunny location to preserve your pineapple plant thriving. It demands about 6 hours of daylight each and every working day. According to the description, numerous people preserve the pineapple plant inside of in the course of the wintertime months and move them outside the moment it receives hotter out. It only demands to be watered the moment a 7 days (2 times if the soil doesn’t hold drinking water nicely), it’s a pretty very low-maintenance addition for plant dad and mom.

The pineapple plant is out there at Property Depot for $29.ninety eight. It comes in a five-inch designer pot, so you have what you want. The good thing is, the plant is in a position to be shipped straight to your door, so you are going to have the very small fruit plant in your arms in no time.

With the warm temperature creeping in, now is the great time to include some much more greenery to your assortment. And you just cannot get considerably much more tropical than a literal pineapple surrounded by leaves, appropriate?

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