Here are 5 ways to play with LEGO DUPLO

Ruth D. Adamson
LEGO Duplo: 5 Amazing Ways It Can Help With Your Child's Development

1. Build a barrier, I’ll build one

A fantastic way to develop thinking, communication, and cooperation skills, this game is best played in pairs.

Make sure every player has an identical set of 10-15 Duplo bricks by dividing a group of bricks. As each player sits on opposite ends of the table, place a large book, box or other barrier in the middle to prevent one player from seeing what the other is doing.

Make sure that Player Two doesn’t peek towards what Player One is building with their small collection of bricks! A series of verbal instructions must be given by Player One to Player Two so that Player Two can recreate the very same construction. It would be fun to compare the results.

2. How can you use these 10 (or 15 or 20) bricks?

A small group of children is best suited for this game. As a starting point, divide the Duplo bricks evenly among the players so that everyone has a set of 10 identical bricks. It is best if each set has a variety of sizes and shapes. Give the children two minutes to build something with their bricks with their backs to each other. Then compare their efforts.

Consider providing each child with an increased number of bricks and challenging them to construct something more specific, such as what is the tallest structure you can build? How about symmetry? Have them construct a moving structure. Have them make a creature. Create an opening tower.

Depending on the age and ability of your children, you can make the challenge simple or complicated.

3. Run a one-difference train

I previously shared a game for learning mathematical attributes using Uno cards, and the same elements can be applied to a game with Duplo bricks. Each brick in a one-difference train must differ from the brick before it in just one way (colour, size, shape, pattern). What is the longest one-difference train you can make? The Duplo Number Train bricks were used, but you can use any other numbered blocks.

4. Preliminary Measures

Early measurement experiences can be enhanced with Lego bricks. Use Duplo bricks as a measurement tool to ask your child to calculate the length of household objects.

When building a wall, it’s best to use bricks of the same size (I suggest using a standard four-brick wall). Use the tower you build as a measuring tool by joining bricks together into a tower that looks like a ruler.

Older kids should estimate the item’s length in bricks before trying to measure it. Record the measurements they make.

5. Building with Duplos

You can change the way you build if you change your perspective! Using removable 3m hook & loop strips, attach your Duplo base plate(s) to the wall (or art easel). Plan and build pictures and towers in a vertical plane for extra challenge.

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