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The dining room design in your home requires a lot of attention. This is where you will sit together with your family and enjoy your meal. Also, you will serve your guests here. Hence, it should be a well-designed and comfortable space. One of the most important things you will have to take into consideration is storage. Many people make the mistake of just focusing on the dining table set and home interior design idea. As a result, sufficient storage is not created for storing essential items like plates, spoons, bowls, etc. keep food items, crockery, and other miscellaneous items. If you leave them lying around, the interiors will appear cluttered and unappealing. To ensure you can store everything in your dining room properly, here are a few ideas that will help you: 

01 of 05 Install floating shelves 

When you are confused about how to create additional storage in your dining room, you can opt for floating shelves. They are perfect for dining rooms where you cannot compromise a lot of space for storage. Since these shelves stay mounted on the wall and use vertical space, they do not occupy any floor space. As a result, the room appears larger. Opt for minimalist designs to further create the illusion of a larger space. Even though they are minimalists, you can use them to store various things. From plates, pans, and woks to pots, floating shelves can support the weight of many items. However, make sure you do not go overboard when storing the items. If you put too many heavy items, the shelves might not be able to support the weight and fall off. Make sure you choose a design that matches the theme of your dining room.

02 of 05 Closed cabinets and sideboard 

If you have space to create storage in your home interior design idea, consider opting for cabinets and a sideboard. They can be perfect for your dining room. You can use a sideboard to make use of the dead space beside the dining table efficiently. Since they are available in a wide range of colours and designs, you will not find difficulty in finding the perfect match for your dining space. From spoons, plates, and bowls to other various types of crockery and cutlery, you can store anything on a sideboard for keeping them within your hand’s reach. Similarly closed cabinets can be installed on the wall and used for storing various items. Since the storage space stays closed, the items stored inside the cabinets do not get dirty. Hence, you do not have to worry about cleaning them. Also, they do not occupy floor space and make the room appear larger. 

03 of 05 Free-standing open shelves 

Some people avoid installing shelves on the accent wall. You do not always have to mount shelves on the wall. Sometimes, dining room furniture like free-standing open shelves can do the trick as well. People love open shelves for storing because it is very easy to access items from open shelves. Also, you do not have to waste time looking for things. Since the shelves are open, everything is always clearly visible. Moreover, open shelves can be used for enhancing the aesthetic beauty of the space as well. Since you can easily see all the stored items, organise the shelves neatly for an appealing look. You can consider displaying your stunning crockery collection on it or opt for something as simple as fitting the shelves with transparent spice jars. Either way, your dining room will appear more vibrant and colourful. However, you will have to be careful of dirt and dust. Open spaces can get dirty easily over time. The space has to be cleaned timely. Also, the shelves have to be neatly organised at all times. If the shelves appear cluttered, the room will appear unappealing. 

04 of 05 Make use of the space under the stairs

People mostly do not pay attention to the space under the stairs and it often goes to waste. If you want to create a well-designed home, you must make use of this space efficiently. People with a staircase next to their dining space can turn the unused space under the stairs into a storage space. There are lots of storage solutions available for this area. You can research online and come up with great customised storage ideas for a seamless look. However, many people do not like going through all the trouble. If you are feeling lazy as well, simply introduce a cupboard or shelves in this area and store all the items you want. 

05 of 05 Opt for DIY solutions You can never go wrong with DIY solutions. They are perfect if you want an inexpensive solution. Just put your creativity to use and come up with a few unique ideas. It can be as simple as using old cartons and baskets for storage. A trolley or utility can be used as well after making a few upgrades. You can use any old dining room furniture lying around in the house for this purpose as well if your dining room space permits. Just make sure you apply a new coat of paint before placing it in your dining room.