Choose Foyer Lighting Keeping In Mind the Right Height and Width of the Space

For many of us, the foyer may be the part of the house, but we still ignore it. It is just a place where we throw our coats, scarves, umbrellas, boots, etc. Our kids also leave their bicycles and skateboard there for convenience. It may be a small space, if it is lit properly, it can enhance the entire room’s décor

It is only a few years back, that people have started paying attention to the foyer lighting. This has given a chance to light makers to come up with various designs and styles in modern lighting. Stylish foyer lighting makes a difference in the interior and leaves an impact on guests. So when you’re looking for foyer lighting, you should pay attention to some of the exclusive foyer chandeliers. 

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Modern chandeliers have been a topic of interest for everyone. It is hard to imagine any luxury hotel, restaurant, or home without a chandelier. Every chandelier has its quality and features which makes them distinctive. Crystal chandeliers can be placed anywhere, we just need the right spot for it. Even bathrooms are now a point of attraction so people love decorating them with a vase, modern lights, and classic sanitary.

Sofary provides the best designs in modern lights which include classic pendant lights and chandeliers. You will find various styles of chandelier products for every room like a bedroom, bathroom, hallways, entryways, kitchen, dining, living room, foyer, and staircase. There are wide collections of designs like round mount, spiral, raindrop, floating castle, modern art, etc. on their site. They remove all middlemen and retailers from the business and the dealing is between manufacturer and customer directly which saves money for both parties. 

Styles of Foyer Lighting

Here are few tips of foyer lighting that can be used in any home –

  • If the ceiling is flat, then the long chandelier looks pretty and impressive.
  • If the foyer has a vaulted ceiling, then chain-hung light is perfect for the area. 
  • Another way of enhancing the beauty of the foyer is by hanging multiple light fixtures than a single large chandelier. 
  • Capiz shell chandelier and lush shell chandelier also give a casual look, yet it creates an aura in the room. 
  • Crystal stands and drum shades also look perfect as a foyer crystal chandelier. 
  • You can pair rectangular shaped crystals with rectangular shades and these long and lean lights look cool and fresh. 

Basic Knowledge of Height and Width

To make the chandelier look suitable for the room, adjust it with the ceiling height appropriately. 

  • First, a tall person should be able to walk be without bumping his or her head on the chandelier. 
  • The actual height of the chandelier should be 7 feet above the floor. 
  • The width of the foyer chandelier light should be the total of the height and width of the space converted into inches. For example, if the foyer area is 12×14 in width and height, then the light fixture should be 26 inches in width. 
  • A flush or semi-flush mount is good for low ceiling entryways. The low height also gives good illumination. 
  • For a multi-story foyer, the chandelier light should be visuals, therefore multi-tiers, and light fixtures with shades give great illumination and are eye-catching. 

All lights don’t come under the chandelier but they too are considered modern lightings. Their specific features make them unique as well as attractive. You can choose big or small foyer lightings with great planning. 

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