Certificate of Electrical Safety

Ruth D. Adamson
Electrical Safety Certificate: What is it and Why Do you Need One?

A Certificate of Electrical Safety is what?

In accordance with the standards that regulate electrical work safety, general electrical work safety training must be organised for all electrical workers, which needs to be renewed every five years.

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Kiwa Inspecta’s Electrical Work Safety Card course meets requirements and is based on a global standard.

What is the purpose of an Electrical Safety Card?

For professionals working in electrical fields, including those in management, operation, planning, teaching, and other expert roles, electrical safety training is a mandatory requirement.

The training is well suited not only to professionals but also to anyone interested in learning more about the dangers of electricity and the responsibilities associated with electrical work.

Do you have an elearning course for Electrical Safety Training?

As soon as you purchase elearning, you can begin learning. Depending on how quickly you complete the elearning, the Electrical Safety Card course lasts 4 hours. The training can be completed in one sitting or in parts. Eight hours of classroom training can be completed with online training.

What is covered in the training?

With practical examples and reflections, the training fully covers electrical work safety.

The online training is illustrated and filled with visual aids to make it more engaging and easier to follow.

To ensure learning, there is an intermediate test after each section. You will have to retake the intermediate test if you do not pass.

Online course covers comprehensively the dangers of electrical work and how to protect against them.

A first aid course for electrical accidents is included in the course. We recommend that anyone who works in hazardous conditions take a comprehensive first aid course.

Objectives of training

In accordance with laws, regulations and standards, the training is designed to provide the basic theoretical knowledge necessary for Electrical Work Safety Cards and SFS 6002 standards. An official Electrical Safety Card will be issued to you once you complete the elearning.

You will receive an Electrical Work Safety Card, valid for five years, after you pass the final exam. Course fee includes the card and certificate. You will receive the card in a few weeks at the address you provided. With a mobile card, you can demonstrate your competency immediately.

Final test for electrical safety cards

The elearning program concludes with a final test based on the standards. Answering the questions in peace is not subject to a time limit. To pass the exam, you must answer 21 correct questions. Carefully read each question. Should you fail the final test, you will have the option to retake it twice for free. A certificate of completion will be available for download as soon as the test is approved. As soon as the course is complete, it will appear in the MyCertificate app. In approximately 2-3 weeks, you will receive the card at your home address.

How does Kiwa Inspecta’s learning differ from other options?

Among the largest European organisers of safety training, Kiwa Inspecta. In the HSE (Health, Safety, Environment) short courses, we award more than 100,000 qualifications every year. Most of our English elearning courses are also available.

In addition to our elearning courses, we use the expertise of the industry’s best professionals and up-to-date legislation. In order to simplify things for the user, we use visuals and practical examples to illustrate our training.

So that you can be confident that your staff has learned what they need to, we provide intermediate assignments and a final test.

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