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Animal skin rugs from companies like Hide Rugs are thought to be the only use of animal hides. However, there are many other accessories that can be produced from the coats of animals. 

The following are some excellent accessories made from animal skins: 

Bean Bags

We all know the bean bags that you will typically find in a college dorm room. However, animal skin bean bags are different and a lot classier. 

You can find bean bags made from a wide variety of animal skins including sheepskin and reindeer skin. You also have a wide selection of colors to choose from when buying animal skin bean bags. 

The bean bags are incredibly comfortable and make a great addition to a room. The only drawback is that you have to pay for this accessory. 


You will find hand gloves made from animal skins as well. In fact, animal skins are some of the best options you have for increasing your warmth. 

The gloves can be made from any material on the inside and sheepskin or goatskin on the outside. However, leather is the best material to use as it is more comfortable and durable. 

Animal skin gloves can also be an ostentatious fashion accessory. They certainly will catch the eye of others wherever you go wearing them. 

Hot Water Bottles Covers

As stated above, animal skins are very adept at increasing warmth in people. The same goes for preserving the warmth of liquids. 

A sheepskin water bottle cover is a very unique animal skin accessory. It is also very beautiful and makes a relatively mundane object more fashionable. 

It will serve its function of keeping your water or drink warm particularly on a cold day. Unfortunately, the only animal skin used to make water bottle covers as of yet is sheepskin. 


Slippers are great for keeping your feet warm and protecting from the elements as well as the floor. Most of us like our slippers fluffy and animal skin slippers are particularly fluffy on the inside. 

Animal skin slippers not only keep your feet warm but they are also very comfortable. You can wear then against hard or uneven surfaces and still feel the comfort on your feet. 

There is a limited selection of colors as far as animal skin slippers are concerned but the ones you get will be good enough. 

Seat Cushions

You get a lot more variety with animal skin seat cushions than with many other animal skin accessories. You will find animal skin seat cushions made from sheepskin, cowhide and even exotic animal hides. 

The seat cushions as with all other animal skin accessories are incredibly outlandish. They will certainly make a profound statement of style in whichever room you place them. 

Animal skin seat cushions are also very comfortable as you will lay your back against the fluffy sides. They can help deal with back issues for those who sit against hard surfaces all day. 

Moreover, they are cheaper than you think and particularly complement leather seats.

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