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5 benefits of artificial plants | Vistafolia® | Artificial Green Walls

Artificial plants will give your interiors or exteriors a greener aesthetic. Fortunately, today it is difficult to tell the difference between a real plant and an artificial one due to advances in design and finish. Therefore, there is no compromise when it comes to appearance and feel, and this opens up a wide range of possibilities in terms of greenery and plants. Artificial plants can bring five key benefits to your surroundings if you’re looking to bring the benefits of plants into your home.


A real plant will always have a higher price tag. The initial purchase may be cheaper, but ongoing maintenance will always come at a cost. As real plants grow, their pots need to be larger and bigger, as they die and need to be replaced. Real plants arrive as seedlings but take years to reach their full height before having the effect you desire. An artificial plant, on the other hand, arrives already mature with no upfront cost.


Besides the ongoing maintenance that real plants require – pruning, watering, fertilising, etc. – the plant may also need to be moved to obtain adequate sunlight, water, or drainage. Temperature changes can be problematic, so you might need a specialist to come and take care of your plants periodically. In contrast, artificial plants may need to be moved occasionally to prevent fading, but other than that you will only need to wipe them down if they start to accumulate dust.

3. Achieve the results you desire

Real greenery may not be an option if you do not have the right environment or space for the plants that you want. Tropical blooms, for example, might require daylight or high humidity, which you may not be able to provide. Artificial plants don’t have this limitation – you can create exactly the aesthetic you want. Plus, the variety of artificial plants available today is so broad that you’ll have a wide range of options to choose from.


We breathe the air that is filtered by real plants and artificial plants won’t do the same. Studies have found that artificial plants have real health benefits, such as improving mood, morale, productivity, and focus.


For humans sharing the same space with real plants, they can cause a lot of problems. Children and pets can suffer poisoning if they touch or consume them. They may also trigger allergies. These problems are not present in artificial plants, and there is no need to worry about pollen, which causes allergies in 12+ million people in the UK alone.

Artificial plants have some obvious advantages. They are versatile, inexpensive, and durable.