6 Simple Vastu Tips for Bathrooms Everyone should Follow

Ruth D. Adamson
Vastu for Bathroom: Simple Vastu tips for bathroom direction and design

Negative energies can invite more trouble into your life. To attract more positive energy in the house, many Indian families prefer a Vastu-compliant home. Designing a Vastu-compliant home is not difficult. You just have to keep a few small things in mind. Even if you do not believe in Vastu, designing a Vastu-compliant home is better because it will have a higher resale value. 

Although many people make their bedrooms and living rooms Vastu-compliant, they often ignore the bathroom. The bathroom is not a trivial part of your house and hence, you should ensure that it is Vastu-compliant as well. If you do not know how to make your bathroom interior design Vastu-compliant, here are a few simple tips:

01 of 06 Vastu-compliant bathroom direction

While constructing the bathroom design for your home, make sure that it is in the northwest or north portion of your house. Experts always suggest avoiding building it in the south-east, south, or south-west direction because it can have a negative impact on the health of the residents. 

02 of 06 Install fixtures and arrange utilities as per Vastu

A mirror is one of the most common items installed in a bathroom. Make sure that it is hung on the eastern wall or northern wall of the bathroom. Always avoid round mirrors and hang a square or rectangular mirror to make it Vastu-compliant. Also, you must hang it at least four or five ft above ground level. Install electrical fittings like a geyser on the southeast side of the bathroom. If you have a window or exhaust fan in your bathroom interior design, make sure that it is facing the northeast or east direction. The north, east, and northeast sides of the bathroom are ideal for installing the washbasin. Similarly, the north, east, and northeast sides of the bathroom are also auspicious for the shower. If you have a washing machine in the bathroom, make space for it in the southeast or northwest direction. 

03 of 06 Installing bathroom doors that are Vastu-compliant 

The east and north directions are considered ideal for installing the bathroom door as per Vastu. Also, you must always buy a wooden door for the bathroom and not a metal door. Make sure that there are no statues of gods and goddesses ornated on that door.  To avoid negative energy from coming into your life, you must always keep the bathroom door closed.  

04 of 06 Installing bathroom windows that are Vastu-compliant 

Installing a bathroom window is considered paramount to ensure proper ventilation. Besides ventilation, this bathroom design for the home allows the negative energies to move out and aids the positive energies to enter. You must ensure that the window opens towards the north, east, or west side. Always remember that the bathroom window should open outward. 

05 of 06 Colours for your bathroom that are Vastu-compliant 

Colours play a huge role in making a space Vastu-compliant. It is always suggested to opt for lighter colours like white, cream, and beige. Dark colours such as black or dark red are not acceptable at all. You must not install dark coloured tiles in the bathing space as well.  If you want to choose a dark colour for the bathroom, you can consider opting for brown. Also, using light colours in your bathroom interior design makes it easier to spot dirt and clean effectively. To create a Vastu-compliant calming atmosphere, you can choose almost any earthy shade. You just have to avoid dark colours because besides making the bathroom smaller, they attract negative energies. 

06 of 06 Arranging the room sharing a wall with the bathroom 

You must carefully arrange the room that shares a wall with the bathroom. To begin with, you must never place the bed against the bathroom wall. Experts suggest avoiding building the bedroom, kitchen, or other places like the puja room adjacent to the bathroom. However, if it is not possible to do so, try to avoid positioning the primary elements of the room against that wall. This can help you to prevent negative energy from entering your house.

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