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 Sukabumi Stone or better known as Batu Hijau Sukabumi is a type of quartz rock.  As the name implies, Batu Sukabumi originates from a mine in the Sukabumi Regency, West Java.  for example the pedra hijau portugal

 Understanding Quartz stone (silicon dioxide, or SiO2) is one of the most famous and abundant minerals on Earth.  Although it can eventually be broken down, physically and chemically this mineral is resistant to weathering.  When quartz carrying rocks are weathered, quartz grains become concentrated in the soil, in rivers, or on the coast.  White sand that lies along the banks of rivers and … Read More

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30 Best Living Room Paint Color Ideas

Certain paint hues can effects your temper, make a space show up brighter and larger, or even give your interior an fully new search. That claimed, it is really not constantly straightforward landing on the proper paint shade for your area, primarily when it comes to the living space. You want to select a hue that suits your living room’s decor and draws notice absent from any flaws that may well exist (you will find never ever adequate sq. footage or daylight, proper?). See this selection of 30 living rooms, featuring classy paint hues for just about any aesthetic.

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